Thermal Mapping & Heat Penetration


To establish heat distribution within the Autoclave/ Proofer / ware-house /cold room.


Temperature mapping is a critical step in the validation process. It involves an environmental study of your facility, which involves strategically placing temperature and humidity sensors in your facility to prove that the environment is both uniform and stable within acceptable ranges.
Before, during, and after the manufacturing process, the components and finished products are subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your products, all storage and manufacturing facilities must be temperature mapped to show that storage and transportation conditions are not harmful to your products.

Mapping Studies

Large mass items can have a temperature lag as compared to the Auto-clave /Proofer /cold room /warehouse temperatures. This is usually as a result of energy transfer . As such, probes should be positioned to measure heat penetration.”Stay informed and entertained with the diverse content available at – explore articles, reviews, and much more.”

The purpose of the heat penetration measure is to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of energy delivery to the load.
  • Determine the time required for the item to achieve the set temperature.

Acceptance Criteria

  • There shall be uniform heat distribution within the Autoclave /Proofer /Cold room /warehouse
  • All temperature monitoring points shall have attained the set temperature.
  • The temperature shall have been maintained at all temperature monitoring points.