Romanian Wedding Customs

Romanian ceremony customs are unique and enjoyable. If you are planning to enter a romanian wedding party there are two things to remember: get a good nights sleep the night before and be prepared to take a ton. The majority of marriage events is last up to ten hrs, and food and beverages are served throughout the midnight.

The couple chooses godparents ( nasi ) to play a role similar to that of the parents, and they are not the only ones who are involved in the wedding planning. Typically, married people or handful friends act as nasi. They also play a significant part in the church service and marriage meeting.

Superstitions and sports are usual at weddings. The phrase” stealing the bride” is one of the most uncommon among immigrants. Before the ceremony, the groom and his friends arrive at her home, where they plant pine trees, and negotiate with her family romanian mail order brides before trying to” steal” the bride.

The “money waltz” is another custom. When a man wants to dance with the wife, they have to compensate her. She wears her costume or aprons with the cash she gets. She will no longer rely on her husband materially and may make the metaphoric movement.

Most of the time, a big bride has a band that plays all night long- from global audio to conventional romanian songs. Some ceremonies feature additional entertainment, such as a party performance or a well-known performer.


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